Recipe: Olive vegetable carrot

Home Cooking Recipe: Olive vegetable carrot


I believe that the students who are overseas are almost always equipped with Laoganma, fermented bean curd, mustard and olives. . . In the case where the refrigerator is ashamed of nothing, the beaten up is finding a kind of delicious combination, that is, carrots and olives, um, just two kinds of ingredients and 10 minutes to get a super meal, I hope those are not Students who love olives or don't like carrots can therefore like this way of eating! ! (Well, maybe this is a luxury). It has a full range of flavors and flavors, and it can also consume olive dishes that have been stored for too long.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Carrot washed and peeled diced, chopped green onion

    Carrot washed and peeled diced, chopped green onion

  2. Put oil in the pot, when the oil is slightly smoked, enter the carrot diced, 呲啦呲

  3. Put two tablespoons of olives, if you are as heavy as I am, add a little salt, if you are looking for a healthy girl, you don’t need to add it~

  4. Put the chopped green onion, out of the pan, and have a meal!


I have a friend who doesn’t like carrots. I can accept this dish and feel super touched.

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