Recipe: Olive oil walnut cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Olive oil walnut cake


Bake a few simple and delicious walnut cakes, it is a small tea reading in the afternoon~ When I entered the furnace, I cleaned the workbench and tools by the way. After a while, I came out of the furnace and looked at the book. It was the happiest to eat something. It’s rare to have such a break on Saturday. If you like light, you can try it. I think it is delicious~ although the butter is rich, the olive oil is healthier~



  1. Walnut cut into pieces

  2. Beat the eggs, pour in the olive oil and mix well.

  3. Add sugar and whipped until the sugar melts

  4. Sift in low powder, mix well, add walnut crushed and mix well.

  5. Pinch into a ball, dipped in a little dry powder, crushed

  6. Unpacking 170 degrees preheating, 18 minutes of appearance, like crispy can be more than a few minutes~

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