Recipe: Olive oil, black pepper, vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Olive oil, black pepper, vegetables


By-product of salt fried chicken wings



  1. Wash the vegetables. Carrot Pleurotus eryngii slice, broccoli

  2. Put the olive oil in the pot, turn the carrot slices to a light translucent, add the oyster mushrooms and fry until slightly yellow. Add broccoli and stir fry at medium heat.

  3. Add a small bowl of water and cover the lid. Finally, add the right amount of salt and freshly ground black pepper and stir well.


After the salted chicken wings, in addition to the added olive oil, the chicken wings and chicken oil of the chicken wings themselves came out. In the principle of not wasting, throw vegetables directly into the frying, unexpectedly delicious. The carrots are slightly sweet, the oyster mushrooms are sweet and tough, the broccoli is soft, and the chicken wings are simply perfect.

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