Recipe: Olive green beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Olive green beans


Most people only know that green beans contain more high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids, and their minerals and vitamins are higher than other vegetables, but they do not know that it also has important medicinal value. Improve immunity: Green beans contain unique ingredients such as soap, urinary enzymes and various globulins, which enhance the body's own immunity and increase disease resistance. Spleen and stomach: Green beans are rich in protein and a variety of amino acids, often eaten to strengthen the spleen and stomach, increase appetite. Cooling down: Eat more green beans in the summer to cool off the skin and clear the mouth. Anti-tumor: Green bean seeds can activate lymphocytes of tumor patients, produce immune antibodies, and have very specific damage and inhibition to cancer cells, that is, have anti-tumor effects. Suitable for people with heart disease: Green beans are especially suitable for patients with heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hypokalemia and salt-free patients. Promote fracture healing: At the same time, green beans can stimulate the hematopoietic function of bone marrow, protect and enhance cells, enhance the anti-infective ability of patients, induce the proliferation of osteoblasts, and promote fracture healing. Beauty effect: Eating green beans is good for skin and hair. It can improve the metabolism of the skin, promote the body's detoxification, and make the skin always youthful. Lose weight, promote fat metabolism: saponins in green beans can reduce fat absorption and promote fat metabolism; dietary fiber can also speed up the passage of food through the intestines, and dieters who eat more green beans will definitely achieve light weight. purpose. Edible efficacy: The motherland medicine believes: the four seasons of peas have the effect of regulating the viscera, maintaining the spirit, replenishing qi and strengthening the spleen, eliminating the heat and dampness and reducing swelling. The commonality of legumes and vegetables is the effect of sexual flatness and moisturizing spleen. It is especially suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. Beans are sweet, light, slightly warm, spleen and stomach; moist and not dry, spleen and not stagnation, commonly used for spleen and dampness; The effect of relieving heat and dampness and diminishing water swelling; attending spleen deficiency and dampness, eating less stool, wet turbid bet, women taking too much, can also be used in summer wet wounds, vomiting and diarrhea and other syndromes.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Heat the pan and pour in the cooking oil, and add the ginger to the garlic.

    Heat the pan and pour in the cooking oil, and add the ginger to the garlic.

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Under the green beans, stir fry for a while

    Under the green beans, stir fry for a while

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Pour in water and cover well

    Pour in water and cover well

  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Put two spoonfuls of olives and stir fry evenly. Add salt and chicken.

    Put two spoonfuls of olives and stir fry evenly. Add salt and chicken.

  5. Home Cooking Recipe: Stir fry evenly out of the pan

    Stir fry evenly out of the pan

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