Recipe: Olive dish omelette

Home Cooking Recipe: Olive dish omelette


From preparation to eating, three minutes to get, really fast food. The ingredients are simple and the taste is refreshing.



  1. Eggs into the bowl, break up

  2. Heat the pot and add a little olive oil (taken in olives)

  3. The egg is poured into the pot and begins to solidify.

  4. Chop a little olive dish with chopsticks and put it on the side that has not solidified. Multi-clip several times, each time a small amount, so that the olives are evenly distributed

  5. Small fire, use a spatula to separate the egg from the bottom of the pot, then turn over

  6. Wait a few seconds for the eggs to be removed. Finished.


1. Olive oil is more oily, so the idea of ​​cooking oil with olive oil is sprouted. 2. Olive dishes are more salty, you can not put salt.

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