Recipe: Olive dish fried rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Olive dish fried rice noodles


Adding olives and eating it is especially irritating! It is good for breakfast and dinner.



  1. Pork shredded, marinated with soy sauce, sugar, starch, cooking wine for a while

  2. Carrots are sliced ​​into silk, green bean sprouts are washed, and onion is cut

  3. Beat the eggs, put a little salt and oil and mix well.

  4. Eggs are spread into pieces and shredded

  5. Stir fry the pork to the color and remove it.

  6. Leave the oil in the pot, add the onion, the olives, and sauté the green bean sprouts and carrots.

  7. Put the river powder into a little stir fry, then add the egg, shredded pork

  8. Add appropriate amount of salt and oyster sauce and season well.

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