Recipe: Old vinegar soaked peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Old vinegar soaked peanuts



  1. Put oil in the pan, put the raw peanuts when the oil is cool.

  2. Open a small fire, slowly puff the peanuts, turn off the fire when the color is slightly golden yellow.

  3. Remove the peanuts and put them on the plate.

  4. Caraway washed and cut into segments

  5. Take a small bowl, put the old vinegar in the bowl, then put a teaspoon of sugar to neutralize the sour taste of the vinegar, put a little soy sauce and a little MSG.

  6. Put the dried peanuts into the adjusted vinegar and sprinkle with the parsley


1, be sure to put the peanuts in the cool oil when the pot 2, must open a small fire and slowly fried 3, if you do not pay attention to the above two, peanuts are easy to fry. 4, when the color of the peanuts is not particularly heavy, it will be fished out, because if it is fried, it will be slightly sloppy.

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