Recipe: Old vinegar sea bream head

Home Cooking Recipe: Old vinegar sea bream head


This dish is two o'clock in the afternoon on a certain day of the holiday. I made an appetizer for myself. I didn't eat it at lunch and felt that I was treated badly. This crisp and refreshing jellyfish head, with the combination of vinegar and cucumber, instantly touched my taste buds and stimulated my appetite. After sweeping a plate, I ate it again and then ate half a cockroach. The key was also eaten. A long-lost meal.



  1. After the sea bream is rinsed out, soak it in cold water for half a day, change the water several times in the middle.

  2. When you taste a little salty, tear it into small pieces along the natural texture of the sea bream.

  3. Boil the water, pour the jellyfish into the boiling water, immediately remove it, drain the water

  4. Cucumber slices laid on the bottom of the plate

  5. Mix the sea bream with vinegar, sugar, salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate and sesame oil, then pour on the cucumber

  6. Pour the peanut oil into the pot, the onion is cold oil and the pan, the oil is not over the onion, and the fire is slow. After the onion is squeezed out, pick the onion and pour the onion on the cucumber and jellyfish.

  7. Sprinkle with garlic and parsley and mix well.


1. Haishutou should be cleaned repeatedly, otherwise the fine sand contained inside will affect the taste; 2, in the boiling water 焯 hot sea hoe must master the fire, if the time is too long, the tough and hard taste will replace the crisp taste; 3, vinegar must be essential, and the amount of food should be more than other dishes to taste, do not like too much acid can increase the amount of sugar; 4, the sea bream head after soaking still has a certain saltiness, pay attention to grasp the amount of salt, light taste can omit the salt; 5, only with sesame oil can be mixed, but the addition of scallion will make this dish icing on the cake

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