Recipe: Old vinegar chicken feet

Home Cooking Recipe: Old vinegar chicken feet


In the hot summer, the loss of appetite seems to have lost interest in the greasy, steaming dishes, and I always want to eat something appetizing and refreshing. Occasionally I ate cold cuts and chicken feet in the restaurant, the taste of sweet and sour, the taste of QQ made me unforgettable. After a few trials after returning home, I finally made a satisfying taste. Write it out and share it with everyone. I will really get rid of a big dish~



  1. Wash the chicken feet and cut off the pointed nails.

  2. Put a proper amount of water in the pot, add salt, cooking wine, add chicken feet, boil the water and adjust to medium heat, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes.

  3. Remove the chicken feet, cool the water, and drain.

  4. Another pot, add vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, water, boil, then put into the octagonal, let cool.

  5. Dip the chicken feet into the sauce and cover for more than 4 hours.

  6. Let's enjoy it~


1, chicken feet I like to buy long, so more tasteful. 2, cook chicken feet according to the size of the chicken feet, fat and thin adjustment, do not cook too bad, or lose the Q bomb taste. 3, must be cold water, it is best to ice water, so the skin will be very Q. 4, vinegar should use vinegar, it is best to vinegar. First, the color is more beautiful, and second, the taste is better. If you want to go second, you can also use balsamic vinegar, but white vinegar is not recommended. 5. The amount of juice can be increased or decreased according to the chicken claws.

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