Recipe: Old vinegar and peanut

Home Cooking Recipe: Old vinegar and peanut



  1. Peanuts are washed with water and drained; chives and parsley are washed, chives are chopped, parsley is cut into sections

  2. Old vinegar, soy sauce, white sugar, salt and taste

  3. Pour the oil into the wok and pour in the peanuts (this time the oil is cold), stir fry, smell the aroma of the peanuts, and hear the sound of the squeaking sound. This is a bit difficult to grasp. When I first did it, I always felt that I didn’t hear the sound. When I got it, the peanuts were all black.

  4. Stir-fried peanuts are served and allowed to cool. Just frying is not brittle, just hanging out for a while.

  5. Add chives, parsley, sauce to the cool peanuts, and mix well.

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