Recipe: Old vinegar and peanut

Home Cooking Recipe: Old vinegar and peanut



  1. Preparing peanuts

  2. Put oil in the pot

  3. Pour peanuts

  4. Use the medium heat to fry, until the peanuts ring, you can turn off the fire in a little while.

  5. Put the seasoning in the pot and boil it. When you eat, add the peanuts, add the juice, cut the parsley, and stir together.


1, peanuts can do more, each time you eat, put a little. 2, to keep the peanuts crisp is to fry, pour a little white wine. 3, parsley can not put, but not very fragrant. 4, when making peanuts, must be cold pot, cold oil, cold peanuts, otherwise, peanuts cooked outside, not yet cooked inside.

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