Recipe: Old vinegar and peanut

Home Cooking Recipe: Old vinegar and peanut


Vinegar is a healthy appetizer that can reduce fat and reduce blood pressure. It is suitable for all seasons, suitable for all ages, delicious and healthy. The practice of old vinegar and peanuts is not difficult. The key is to master the fire of fried peanuts. A plate of vinegar and peanuts will be on the table.



  1. Rinse the peanuts with water and dry the surface with kitchen paper

  2. Put the oil in the pan, pour the peanuts into the cold oil and stir fry quickly to ensure that the peanuts can be evenly heated.

  3. When the color of the peanuts is slightly changed, the fragrance is also coming out, and the peanuts are immediately taken out to control the oil.

  4. Vinegar, sugar, and a little salt to taste the sauce, parsley and minced

  5. Pour the juice into the cold peanuts and mix well.


Be sure to put peanuts in the oil or cool, let the peanuts gradually heat up with the oil temperature, so that the fried peanuts will be evenly heated, and the crispness inside and outside will be the same, otherwise it will be fried outside. raw. During the frying process, you can see the color of the peanuts turning golden yellow. Otherwise it will be gone.

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