Recipe: Old tofu stewed fish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old tofu stewed fish soup


Like the delicate fish and the bean curd of old tofu, the two are still delicious.



  1. Pick up the fish and marinate it, touch the cooking wine, because it is stewed fish soup, this can go 腥

  2. Onion ginger garlic cut good spare

  3. Preheat the pan and put the fried fish to the golden side

  4. Put in cold water, then add ginger and garlicrThe fire is boiled for 10 minutes and then stewed for 1 hour on low heat.

  5. Tofu is put in half an hour after 10 minutes of the fire

  6. Turn off the fire, add the onion, Shengwan


1. The key to milk white squid soup is that the fish must be fried 2. The key to fried fish without peeling is that the hot pot is hot, and the fire is fried. Just turn it over.

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