Recipe: Old tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Old tofu



  1. Cut the old tofu, the amount of oil, put the tofu into the heat when it is seven or eight minutes, the pot is slightly golden when the skin is so thick (so that the tofu is easy to keep the square shape and not fall apart), pay attention to drain the oil of the tofu.

  2. Pour the carrot slices and the stalks of the green onions (or garlic? In short, the green plants in the picture) in the pan, stir fry, stir fry, stir fry...

  3. Then add the previously fried tofu and the leaves of the green plants, the right amount of salt, sugar, stir fry, stir fry, stir fry... Be careful not to break the tofu and destroy the sashimi, the hottest time when the shabu-shabu Pour the cooking wine into it, stir it several times, add some water, a small amount of soy sauce, cook it~

  4. When you get almost the same time, you should start the pot. Note that the carrots should be soft and delicious. The green plants and tofus of garlic or green onions should be delicious. So cook them and watch them!


Keep the shape can not mess!

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