Recipe: Old hen soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old hen soup


I miss the chicken soup of the farmhouse that I went out to drink, but unfortunately I was too full at the time, didn't drink much, and later missed the taste, so I bought the old hen to stew, but unfortunately I didn't want the taste~



  1. The old hens are cleaned up, simmered with a small amount of salt and cooking wine, and don't pick up the chicken.

  2. The pot sits in cool water, 2 pieces of ginger, a little cooking wine, and the chicken that has been marinated for half an hour, boiled in a large fire, boiled for 2 minutes, and hit the floating foam in the middle.

  3. Put the hen, ginger, onion, red and white kidney beans, mushrooms (you need to make a good hair) into the casserole, add cold water without chicken, water more, will evaporate some water later.

  4. Cook over low heat and cook for a quarter of an hour. Cover the fire for an hour.

  5. Open the lid and remove the onion ginger, remove the appropriate amount of salt, white pepper, and add the glutinous rice for ten minutes. Add one-time water and do not add water in the middle.

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