Recipe: Old hen soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old hen soup


This is definitely the best chicken soup I have ever tasted, not to lie! For me who can't cook and be lazy, this soup that doesn't bother is my gospel. Of course, this soup may only be suitable for primary rookie, and there is a pot friend who does not like to add condiments. The people are going around the road ^ _ ^ The chicken soup has been drunk, because it has been forced to continue drinking for a week, think about the thick layer of chicken oil (because it is the old hen), and the old wood The chicken in the block feels that I can't love the chicken anymore. So after the mother-in-law left, I groped for it on the Internet. I tried it a bit and couldn’t stop eating. Of course, if the chicken soup is good, the raw materials should be a very important part.



  1. Because it is 1-2 people, add about four bowls of water. The fire is boiled and simmered.

  2. Put in ginger, pour in rice wine, turn a small fire, cover and stew. There should be 1 hour. I watched the TV stewed in the middle, so I drank the water for another 40 minutes.

  3. 40 minutes before the simmer, add the scallions and red dates. It is best to put salt before the soup.


Don't have too much ginger, or the taste of chicken soup will be robbed. The feeling of rice wine should be crucial. The chicken breasts were harder to cook before they were put before, but this meat is tender. It should be its credit.

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