Recipe: Old hen soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old hen soup


The chicken that comes back from the home, the best stew, the taste of hometown.



  1. The old hen is washed, without dicing or cutting a few large pieces, the onions are washed and knotted, the ginger is scattered or sliced, and the fungus is washed. Red dates, washed and spare.

  2. Put the old hen, fungus, onion ginger and red dates into a jar, and fill it with cold water once. After the fire is boiled, the foam is removed.

  3. Turn the lid on a small fire and cook for at least an hour until the chicken is cooked. Put it in the pot and cook for another half an hour. Add some salt to taste.


Covering the lid with a crock soup will not consume too much water. There is no need to add water during the whole process. If you feel that there is less water, you need to add some boiling water. If you think the chicken is fat, you can remove some skin and chicken oil before burning. Another soup that you can't eat can't be salted. Put it in the refrigerator. When you eat it, it's hot and seasoned with salt. The following soup is very good.

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