Recipe: Old hen soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old hen soup


The hen has been laying eggs for two years because of laying eggs, and the neighbors have been forced to lay down the chicken legs. Walking a little bit, looking at the correct mother to kill and took half, a pound is not called. I took it for soup.



  1. The old hen removes the excess and then washes the clams. Put in the pot and boil. There will be a lot of blood floating about 5 minutes after the water is turned on. Pour into the sieve together and wash with cold water to drain the water. Add all the ingredients and water to the simmer (the hen is harder to cook than other chickens, so the water should be added more. It is equivalent to the proportion of porridge, if it is not added twice in the middle), the fire is boiled for 15 minutes (this Time people must guard against the fear that the water will be thrown out.) After adding water, turn the small fire for three and a half hours (the gas can be opened more small and small, this time you can go do something else) remember to add the water to the neighbors in the middle of the way. I still smell the smell of chicken soup. When I find that the chicken skin starts to rotten, the meat is almost the same, and I adjust the mouth when I start the pot. I usually just add some salt.


The seasoning suggests that the soup is good and then adjusted. I always feel that the salt is not as good as the spices. Of course, you have your own opinions, you are free, how to taste delicious

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