Recipe: Old hen soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old hen soup



  1. The old hen washes the clams, the yam is peeled and cut into thick pieces, ginger slices, onion cut flowers

  2. Put the cut old hen, yam and ginger into the pressure cooker, add the right amount of water (the water must be at least completely without chicken, if you like to drink the soup, you can put a little more water), then add a few drops of sesame oil, put Put a little pepper into the lid, heat it to the pressure cooker and turn it to a small heat for 20 minutes.

  3. After the air in the pressure cooker is drained, open the lid, add the appropriate amount of salt, and sprinkle with chopped green onion.


1. The meat quality of the old hen is relatively hard. It is easy to smash with the pressure cooker. If it takes at least two hours to use the casserole, many people say that the soup with the casserole is fragrant, but the tongue like me is Did not give up a down, use the pressure cooker to save more gas! 2. Add a little pepper and a few drops of sesame oil before the broiler soup, which can greatly enhance the scent of the soup. This is my tongue, but I have tasted it a lot more than the soup I didn't add! 3. When you go to the yam skin, be careful to get itching by the mucus, you can put on the gloves; you can also wash the yam and cut it into pieces, soak it in boiling water for half an hour before removing the peeled; if you get it The mucus of the mucus appears to be itchy. You can soak your hands in vinegar for 5 minutes and then put it on the fire for a while. This will relieve the symptoms of itching. If the yam is not immediately, it will turn black. It can be soaked in water to prevent blackening.

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