Recipe: Old hen fresh soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old hen fresh soup


Shared by Parent-child Park:! Every year in the New Year, every year has a New Year's Eve dinner, then what is the most memorable food on the dinner table? From small to large, what I have been obsessed with is the bowl of chicken soup on the dinner table. Although every time I will be stuffed with other dishes, whenever my mother puts the pot of yellow chicken soup on the table, I will still put on a slow bowl, drink soup and eat meat, and forget that I just Say it’s full, and it’s a pleasure to eat. Why, just for the mother to use the pure old hen to stew this pot of fresh soup every year, the fragrance is tangy, people can't resist the temptation! In comparison, the chickens that are bought in the market today are not as good as the chicken soup that I have remembered. In particular, the media also exposed the fast-growing chicken incident some time ago. I have a lingering fear of eating chicken. In fact, you don't have to be too jealous. Just buy the authentic free-range chicken when you buy it. Yuzyi7 Here are three tips for identifying free-range chickens and fast-growing chickens: First look at the appearance: from the appearance, the high-quality free-range chicken is compact, the chest and leg muscles are strong, the chicken feet are thin, the cocks are large and erect, and the color is bright; while the fast-growing chicken has large head and body and thick chicken feet. The feathers are looser and the cocks are smaller. Second, look at the chicken skin: after the chicken is slaughtered and washed, the difference between the free-range chicken and the quick-fun chicken will be more obvious. The high quality free-range chicken has thin and firm skin, fine pores and mesh arrangement; while the fast-growing chicken is thick and slack, and the pores are thicker. The most important feature of the local chicken is that the skin color is yellowish and the subcutaneous fat is evenly distributed, while the fast-cooking chicken has a large skin color and a white color. The third look at the soup color: high-quality free-range chicken after burning, the broth is transparent and clear, the fat is concentrated on the surface of the soup, and there is aroma; while the fast-cooking chicken is turbid and the surface is less aggregated. Of course, the chicken soup on the dinner table should not be sloppy. It is necessary to use high-quality chicken, so this time I chose the old chicken hen that was brought back to the Anhui chicken. In Anhui, there is a saying: from Feidong to Feixi, delicious or old hen. The soup made with this old hen, the aroma is pure, the taste is delicious, and the nutrition is of course a lever! When I took the finished picture, I deliberately kept the surface of the chicken oil. I look at the soup in my picture. The layer of chicken oil floating on the surface is not particularly bright yellow. The chicken soup below is especially clear. This is the characteristic of high-quality free-range chicken. The yellow oil on the top is the fat accumulated on the surface of the soup after stewing. When the lid is uncovered, the scent of the chicken soup is really horrible. This is the effect of authentic chickens. The common chickens on the market can't even taste such aroma and color. Of course, don't be afraid to see the oil on the top layer. You can take it before you drink it. Below is the pure and clear, fragrant pure old hen soup! PS: My family has fewer pots, so I only stewed half of them. When you are Chinese New Year, you can find a big pot and stew it. It looks better~



  1. Prepare the ingredients, half of the old hens and 2g+5g of fine salt (the former is used for licking chicken skin and the latter is used for seasoning in chicken soup). Wash the cold and fresh Feixi old hen inside and outside, wash away the blood, and use the kitchen paper towel to absorb the surface moisture. Prepare 2 g of fine salt.

  2. Apply 2g of fine salt to the chicken skin by hand and knead the salt to melt on the chicken skin. Note: The salt only sticks to the chicken skin and does not allow the salt to contact the chicken. Chickens with good salt are placed in the refrigerator for 20 minutes (salt and chilled and then steamed, steamed chicken skin will be crispy).

  3. The frozen chicken is cut into small pieces (if you use the whole chicken to steam, you can not cut the pieces, the whole steamed table will look better). Cut the chicken pieces into a casserole and inject 600g of water.

  4. Cover the lid and put it into the steamer. After the water is turned on, start timing and steam for 30 minutes with medium heat. Add 5g of salt (one teaspoon) to the lid, and then steam for about 20 minutes to enjoy the pot!


Maybe you found out that when I steamed this chicken soup, I didn't put it in addition to salt. I didn't read it. I really only put salt. Because the ingredients are good, I don't need the onion and ginger wine to taste it. The steamed chicken soup is still the same. There is no smell at all, but the smell of the nose.

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