Recipe: Old fire cuttlefish pigtail soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old fire cuttlefish pigtail soup


Cuttlefish pigtail soup is a traditional soup made by my mother-in-law. When it is spring, it will be stewed with old fire. The family is big and small, and everyone likes it. This soup, once cured, was painful in the waist of the family because of the fatigue in the month. The mother-in-law is convinced of the efficacy of this soup.



  1. Wash the cut pig's tail, turn it over, and go to the foam

  2. Inject a proper amount of water into the container again, add ink to the dried fish.

  3. The fire is boiled, and the fire is simmered for two hours.

  4. Add a little simmer and cook for 10 minutes on high heat.

  5. Add the appropriate salt to taste


The dried squid is generally smaller, and the meat is tenderer. The dried cuttlefish of the year was the best. Pick the squid and pick it thick. Pigtail bone, which contains a lot of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, is good for strengthening the bones, treating muscle and joint injuries and pain, and can improve back pain and prevent osteoporosis. In the development of adolescents and boys, it can promote bone development, and middle-aged and elderly people can delay bone aging and premature aging. 2. Dried cuttlefish has the effect of nourishing blood, passing through, prolacing, benefiting the kidney and filling the waist.

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