Recipe: Old duck shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Old duck shoots


This dish is the traditional dish of our family, from small to large, every summer, on the table This dish will appear. When I was young, my grandmother’s dried duck soup was really special. Tasty!



  1. The old duck is washed and cut into pieces, and the dried bamboo shoots are soaked in cold water for 3 hours in advance, and the dried bamboo shoots are torn open and cleaned, and the old pedicels are removed.

  2. Prepare a casserole, add duck and water, add water to the highest water line, add 10ML cooking wine, a few pieces of ginger

  3. Onion knot 1 small

  4. Cover the lid, boil the fire, remove the scum, cover the lid and turn to a small fire, stew for one and a half hours.

  5. Add the dried bamboo shoots, simmer for 1 hour on low heat, adjust the taste before the pan, if you are light, add some salt; sprinkle

  6. chopped green onion


1. The old ducklings need at least two and a half hours of restraint; 2, the duck must choose the old duck; 3, the soup must be added once, can not continue in the middle of the water; 4, the dried bamboo shoots must be torn open and cleaned, it is easy to have bugs inside; 5, do not put too much dry bamboo shoots, because it may be salty.

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