Recipe: Old duck seaweed soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old duck seaweed soup



  1. Laoya kelp soup Dashu old duck wins tonic, suitable for the whole family to share the old duck seaweed soup, the best summer food, heat and dampness, with the kelp to warm down, heat and nourish the yin, dampness and stomach, let the cooking network teach Let's do it! To choose more than two years of ducks, only the old ducks, clear heat to the fire, the role of water and nourishing Yin is better, look at the pores, the older is thicker, the sternum is harder, first cut the duck, put it in the pot Into the base oil, add onion ginger pepper, add the duck pieces, stir-fry and simmer, add a little white wine, you can also add fragrance, wait for the old duck to change color and turn off the fire.

  2. Then pour in warm water, after a while, remove the duck meat. If there is a casserole in the home, use a casserole to cook, pour the old duck into the casserole, add onion, ginger, pepper, more professional snacks technology, please see qq329209338 space kelp, join The water has not passed the meat, and then 15 white lentils are added to the traditional Chinese medicine. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, and relieving the heat and dampness. 15 grams of raw jaundice, qi and water, not on fire, so cold and complementary, stew 2 After about an hour, it will be done. Http://

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