Recipe: Old duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Old duck



  1. Dry shiitake mushrooms in advance, then go to the pedicle. Luohan bamboo shoots can also buy other bamboo shoots instead

  2. Bamboo shoots are bought and washed a few times, then cut a knife in the middle, like to eat small, you can cut a knife

  3. Wash the ducks, pour in the boiled water, sputum bleeding water and floating foam, boil for a few minutes and remove

  4. Change the casserole, pour the water into the duck that has been floated, add ginger and some cooking wine

  5. The water is poured into the cut shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots, and the fire is boiled and turned to a small fire. Be sure to have a minimum fire, and you can go to the TV when you are left.

  6. It takes at least one and a half hours for a small fire to be served, so that the ducks are delicious. Add the appropriate salt before the pot and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

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