Recipe: Old duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Old duck


The practice of Laojiao is varied, and there are different ingredients in different places, such as dried bamboo duck, sauerkraut, and old grasshopper. Some restaurants and restaurants around the world, such as Zhang Shengji, Yipinju, etc., also have many of them as signature dishes, each with its own flavor. What I did today, the main light. This year's weather, just after the spring, the temperature suddenly hit 30 degrees, it seems that the summer is the same. The duck is a good supplement for the summer days. It is cold and has the effect of nourishing the visceral of the five internal organs, clearing the heat of the labor, nourishing the blood, and nourishing the stomach. In the summer, if you don’t even say hello, you’ve already come. Let’s start with your own body.



  1. Clean up the ducks into pieces; melons are scooped into balls with a spoon

  2. The duck pieces are placed in boiling water to remove water, and the blood and floating foam are removed.

  3. Change the casserole, pour the duck pieces that have been floated, ham slices, mushrooms and water (water can not pass the ducks), ginger, cooking wine, turn the fire and turn to a small fire. Must be the smallest fire, slow to cook, and pour into the melon ball.

  4. Add the cabbage before the pot, add the right amount of salt according to your taste.


1. The amount of salt is not much, because the salty scent of the ham slices has penetrated into the duck and hot. If you do not put the ham slices, the salt can be added in two portions, the first time before adding a small amount of salt before burning, the second time before the pan. 2, if you use the pressure cooker to cook, it only takes half an hour.

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