Recipe: Old Beijing stewed fire

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing stewed fire


The roasting and roasting is a traditional snack in Beijing. It originated from Nanheng Street in the south of Beijing. It is said that because of the high price of Su-made meat cooked with pork belly during the Guangxu period, people used pig head meat and pig water to replace it. After the spread of folk cooking masters, over time, it caused the roasting and burning. The roasting and roasting is to cook the boiled and stewed pig intestines and pig lungs together, supplemented with fried tofu slices, marinade, garlic sauce, sauce tofu juice, parsley and other accessories to make the fire burn through without sticking. It’s rotten and not bad, and it’s very popular with people. The door frame of Beijing Beixinqiao Boiled and Fired Main Store and Zhaodengyu Road is very hot. Every time you have to queue up to eat!



  1. Wash the pig intestines with alkaline noodles and vinegar and cut them into pieces together with pork liver. Boil with boiling water for 2 minutes to remove blood! Pork belly cut into 5 cm square pieces of meat!

  2. Put the oil in the pot, add the onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, and white oysters. After a minute, stir the hot sausage, liver, and pork into the pan and add the sugar, cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, Stir in salt and oyster sauce for 5 minutes, then add boiling water, boil more water, and cook more soup! Continue for an hour. The stomach is not good at home, like the soft meat, you can put the stewed ingredients into the pressure cooker for 30 minutes! The pressure cooker stew is rotten, so chewy and fragrant!

  3. When you cook the meat, prepare it! Use 8 grams of baking powder, 150 grams of flour, warm water and noodles, the surface should be softer! After an hour of standing, continue to add 100 grams of flour and warm water to continue, so that the purpose is to make the noodles together with the noodles, the taste of the glutinous rice is good, put into the stewed soup, it is not broken, there is a chewing head! After the pressure cooker is finished, put it in the pot and simmer for another 10 minutes to collect the soup!

  4. After the face and finish, divide into 8 small pieces! Each 擀 is rectangular, folded in half, rolled up, flattened, placed in a baking pan, cooked!

  5. Cut the chop into 3 cm square pieces, put in a bowl, add the cooked marinade! Put coriander, garlic, sauce tofu, leeks, and sesame sauce! Let's eat!

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