Recipe: Old Beijing playing noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing playing noodles


Old Beijing is playing the noodles with halogen noodles. Let’s first taste the salty and light taste of the bowl of halo. You can also pour on the tender tofu to make tofu cerebral palsy~ This is vegetarian, no meat. If you like meat, you can put pork belly.



  1. The yellow fungus mushrooms are soaked separately.

  2. The fungus is shredded by hand, the day lily is cut into sections, and the shiitake mushrooms are shredded. The water of the yellow flower and the mushroom is kept in reserve.

  3. Heat the hot green onion with chopped green onion and pour the water into the yellow-flowered mushrooms.

  4. Pour the yellow fungus mushrooms into the pot, boil and boil for 15 minutes, add the appropriate amount of soy sauce (coloring recommended for soy sauce), salt.

  5. Starch thickens, a small number of times.

  6. After hooking, pour the eggs and turn off the fire.

  7. Pour the right amount of oil into the spoon, add the pepper, pour the pepper and pour it on the brine, and you're done! When eating, you can add green garlic and cucumber to your taste.


If you like to eat meat, you can first put the pieces of pork into the cold water, add the jujube pieces of cooking wine and boil. After the water is opened, the foam is removed. Slice the meat by boiling until it is ripe. Add the chopped pork belly slices to the onion and add the chopped pork belly, pour the water of the boiled meat and the water shabu-shabu of the shiitake mushroom yellow flower. The rest of the other steps are the same

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