Recipe: Old Beijing noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing noodles



  1. Six must-have dry sauce with water and thinning, the water should be added little by little, and the same consistency as the sweet noodle sauce can be adjusted. Add soy sauce, sweet noodles, the ratio is about 500g dry sauce: 250g soy sauce: 100g sweet noodle sauce. You can add water to continue to thin. Ginger slices, green onions, chopped green onion, spare.

  2. Hot pot cold oil, put 300g of oil to put more. Put in the pork belly, slide the pan to prevent the stick, fry the water, add the chopped ginger, and half the chopped green onion 100g.

  3. Ginger and chopped green onion are scented in the sauce, first boil the pan, then slowly simmer in the medium and small fire, and keep stirring. Wait until the water in the pot is drained. Put a little sugar in the pan before the pot, but it must not be too much. You can't let the fried sauce taste sweet. Finally, turn off the fire and put another part of the chopped green onion.

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