Recipe: Old Beijing noodle tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing noodle tea


Nothing in the morning, comforting your stomach, making a bowl of tea



  1. The rolling pin crushes the sesame seeds.

  2. Place in a small dish, mix well with salt, and heat for 2 minutes in a microwave oven.

  3. Sesame sauce with sesame oil and open for use.

  4. Add a bowl of cold water to the dough and mix well.

  5. Get on the fire, and keep stirring when you are smashing, otherwise it is easy to stick the pot.

  6. Change the small fire when you open the pan. The time you can cook with a small fire can be a little longer, but you still need to keep stirring. When the batter becomes thick and it is easy to pour it out, you can turn off the fire.

  7. Put a layer of sesame oil and sesame sauce on a cup of tea, and sprinkle some sesame salt on the sesame sauce.


The millet noodles are whitish. If you can buy the hazelnut noodles, the taste is more authentic, and the color of the noodle tea is yellow and yellow. The taste is very fragrant. It is a sweet grainy smell that is greasy in your mouth.

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