Recipe: Old Beijing lentils noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing lentils noodles


The mother’s taste of going abroad must be mainly for self-use records, and slowly improve the amount of 3-4 people.



  1. Pick the lentils, wash them, and pour them into 7-8 cm long sections. Cut chopped green onion and sliced ​​pork belly. Chop the garlic chopped (finally, not used for shabu-shabu)

  2. Prepare the steamer, put a proper amount of water, and wipe the pan with a thin layer of oil to prevent sticking. Spread the noodles evenly and cover the fire for 10 minutes.

  3. Start steaming the lentils while steaming the noodles. Heat the pot, pour the oil (put more lentils to eat the oil), put the chopped green onion and the aniseed pot, stir fry the pork slices until the color changes, pour the lentils and stir fry, stir fry for a while, then pour the sauce and continue to stir fry, add water to the Lentils, covered and cooked

  4. Pay attention to the occasional flip during the boring process. There is still about half of the soup left, and the lentils are already cooked and steamed noodles are added. Turn the noodles into the soup and cook them. If it is not convenient to stir, you can cut the noodles with a shovel. Cover the lid and cook for a while.

  5. When the soup is only a little left (when the noodles are a little sticky), add the old color, add salt and season, and finally add the garlic and mix well.

  6. I recommend that you let them cool down and eat them, otherwise the sticky taste will be a bit greasy. Add some vinegar when you eat, super delicious!

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