Recipe: Old Beijing Leek Box

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing Leek Box


The leek box is the "branding box" commonly used by the old Beijingers. Because the initial multi-purpose stuffing is amaranth, it is called "a leek box." Among the many other stuffing “boxes” that were later refurbished, it is best to eat the most famous or leeks and egg stuffing. Of course, the mother’s branded cabbage pork is also very fragrant. The brandy box is a kind of old Beijing people. food. The side is usually pinched with flowers, shaped like a box, hence the name.



  1. A bowl of flour, half a bowl of warm water, knead the dough, cover with a clean wet cage and wake up for 20 minutes.

  2. Leek washed and chopped

  3. Eggs warmed with oil (do not put salt or black)

  4. Use chopsticks to open (do not add salt, otherwise the fried eggs are easy to black)

  5. Cut a large piece of egg into pieces (of course, if you don’t want to eat too much, you can eat a large piece of egg.)

  6. The ratio of eggs, leeks and shrimps is 2:3:1

  7. Add the appropriate amount of salt and sesame oil and pepper oil to taste, stir and mix into a filling (when adding salt, you must consider that the shrimp skin also has a certain salty taste)

  8. Knead the dough into a pastry

  9. Put a proper amount of stuffing (when stuffing, because this is not easy to put the stuffing, put a few times to compact it)

  10. Seal, squeeze out the small flowers (to prevent the filling, so it will be very tight)

  11. Brush a little oil in the cake, heat it, and put it into the leek box.

  12. Branded to two sides of golden


1. Kidney and warming yang: Amaranth is warm and spicy, and has the effect of tonifying the kidney and yang. It can be used to treat impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and other diseases; 2. Yigan Jianwei: Amaranth contains special ingredients such as volatile essential oils and sulfides, which emit a unique spicy smell, which helps to regulate liver qi, increase appetite and enhance digestion. 3. Qi and blood: The spicy odor of leeks has dilated and activating blood circulation, and it is suitable for stagnation, nausea, enteritis, vomiting, chest pain and other symptoms; 4. Run the laxative: Amaranth contains a lot of vitamins and crude fiber, can improve gastrointestinal motility, treat constipation and prevent intestinal cancer.

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