Recipe: Old Beijing court cheese

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing court cheese


Wine, I like it very much. Every time after eating the wine, the rest of the rice wine is certainly not let go, stabbing and sipping the stomach, warming up ~ ~ this old Beijing court cheese, can be called the classics for decades. Homemade a bowl of traditional cheese, one more inheritance of traditional skills, adding a simple flavor.



  1. After the whole milk is boiled and slightly thick, thoroughly dry and remove the milk.

  2. Stir the cooled milk with the pure wine and pour it into a small bowl.

  3. Add the bowl cover (or seal the bowl with tin foil) into the steamer and steam for 18 minutes under the fire. After the fire is turned off, keep the lid for 8 minutes. Take out the solidified tender cheese, sprinkle with cooked pine nuts, and eat it (or it is recommended to eat it!!! Put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration!!! Then eat it.)


1. The most authentic old Beijing court cheese must be steamed out of the oven, so that the taste is more intense. However, considering that the oven is not well-controlled, and not everyone has an oven, it is more convenient to use the steamer. 2. The concentration and precision of the "wine juice" in which the milk is solidified in the square is very important. Recommended @酒狐手工米酒 The home's rice wine has a high success rate. 3. The pure juice of the wine has already been sweet, so there is basically no need to put sugar.

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