Recipe: Old bacon chives

Home Cooking Recipe: Old bacon chives


A dish that always loves in the small restaurant. The sparkling fat bacon, and the delicate loose cauliflower meet each other, get tired of each other, and achieve each other, after all, become an excellent meal. Commonly, the cauliflower with short stems and dense flowers has a little bit of firewood, less water and some hard. This kind of scattered flower, the stem is long and tender, the water is sufficient, and the taste is excellent. Many of the Sichuan and Hunan dishes use this flower. We may wish to find a place to go to the market.



  1. The old bacon is soaked for one hour in advance, washed, and boiled for 30 minutes to fully remove the oil and excess salt. Take out the shower. Slice spare. Cut the cauliflower into slightly larger pieces and cut the garlic into pieces. After the garlic is pressed with a knife, it is cut into slightly larger grains.

  2. Hot pot, into the old bacon, fried to the fat part of the transparent, remove.

  3. In the pan of fried bacon, add the appropriate amount of vegetable oil, into the peppercorns and garlic, and saute. Re-into the garlic shoots and dried chilies. Stir fry a few times and pour the cauliflower.

  4. The cauliflower is fried until it is broken, seasoned with salt and raw. Then pour the old bacon before, stir fry, and take the pot one minute later.


This dish remembers three points: 1. There is more oil; 2. Fire is big; 3. Bacon is good to be served, wait for the cauliflower to be tasted with salt and soy sauce, then pour the bacon, because the bacon itself is salty and cannot be salted. .

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