Recipe: Okra, winter bamboo shoots, fried oyster mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Okra, winter bamboo shoots, fried oyster mushrooms


I will not admit that what I will most likely is the stir-fry...



  1. Half-cooked winter bamboo shoots (described in detail later)

  2. Semi-cooked oyster mushroom

  3. Okra: Remove the roots, the whole roots are boiled

  4. Onion ginger, fragrant, oyster mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, stir-fry, first put half the amount of salt, chicken, white pepper, slightly stir-fried, add water, 熬 (one sound), in order to let mushrooms and bamboo shoots into The taste, the taste of the mushroom can also be stimulated thick~

  5. 趁This time, cut the okra, because people will flow mucus, I usually put the cutting board on the cutting board, when the pot is used, I use a knife to scrape... Well, nothing is wasted.

  6. Okra does not need to be fried for too long, if after, add some salt, almost the same time, then sprinkle some white pepper, out of the pot

  7. eat


1. Winter bamboo shoots, my family is bought and peeled, broken into pieces, half-cooked, and the milk is poured out.  Come (in fact, this step also takes a long time) and then cool the water, put the fresh box, throw the ice  The box is refrigerated and processed with the food. 2, oyster mushrooms, after soaking, simmered in a half-cooked, let cool into the box, the method is as above  In this way, Ma Ma will no longer have to go to work to get mushrooms and bamboo shoots. 3, this dish, must give enough time to absorb the ingredients 4, white pepper powder can not be saved!

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