Recipe: Oil white

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil white


Because my aging mother especially likes to eat white, so I watched her change the pattern, I like it. but! Love this way today! This dish is very simple! But delicious is a key step in it: frying! Before putting the seasoning, you must use a small fire to fry the white surface to wrinkle, then put the seasoning, it will be easier to taste, better to eat ~ ~ the whole method of making braised pork! !



  1. Cut the outer skin of the root and cut the small piece

  2. Put a proper amount of oil in the pot, put it in white, stir fry over low heat, and fry slowly until the white surface wrinkles. This step is the key to good food.

  3. Pump a little, sugar, salt, star anise, stir well

  4. Put a little cooking wine, add a little water, cover the lid, and simmer for 8-10 seconds.

  5. A few drops of sesame oil before the pan


1. This method is white, and the “fried” step is very important. Be patient. Use a small fire to slowly fry until the surface wrinkles. It is easier to taste. It is a bit like frying meat. The oil in the force is forced out like ~ 2, water can be a little bit, or it will be boiled in white, and the fire will be 8-10 seconds. 3, white sugar and soy to play the role of taste, the amount does not need much ha, the raw color will be a little better, and by the way to find the feeling of eating meat ~

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