Recipe: Oil spilled rod

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil spilled rod


This is the dish that I came up with on a whim one night. After I tried it, I became a family-reserved recipe. A refreshing dish for summer.



  1. The rods of the artemisia are removed, and only the leaves are left, and the cuts are washed.

  2. Sit in the pot and boil it. Cool the cold water, drain the water, and put it in a large enough bowl or large bowl.

  3. Put a small amount of sugar and the right amount of salt in the middle of the pot

  4. Garlic squeezed into garlic with garlic squeezed in the middle of the pot

  5. A deep stainless steel spoon with a proper amount of oil inside. The stove hits the minimum fire and sits directly on the fire. After the oil is boiled, pour the oil into the pot, just pour it on the garlic, so that the garlic is sautéed.

  6. Mix well, put on the table


1. When I cook the vegetables, I will put a small amount of sugar, the purpose is just to freshen, because my family never prepared anything like chicken. 2. Use a stainless steel deep spoon to burn the oil, which is hot and fuel-efficient. It is more convenient and economical than using a large spoon of cooking. 3. Mix cold dishes and wear disposable kitchen gloves to catch them. It is more flavorful than mixing with chopsticks. Prepare a large pot and grab the dish and taste it.

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