Recipe: Oil gluten stuffed mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil gluten stuffed mushrooms


Amaranth is done, the taste is not bad.



  1. Dried shiitake mushrooms are soaked in warm water, washed and cut into small dices, and seasoned with salt.

  2. The oil gluten is chopped with chopsticks and the prepared mushrooms are stuffed.

  3. The next bowl of water in the pot, add white sugar, and simmer in the gluten for 20 minutes.

  4. The soup is thick and a little juice is left.


1. The shiitake mushroom is more suitable for the rich flavor of this dish, of course, the fresh shiitake mushroom can also  2. When stuffing the stuffing, try to fill it up a bit, so that it will not be deformed after burning. 3. You can make full use of your imagination, stuffing corn kernels, etc.

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