Recipe: Oil-free yogurt cake (6 inches)

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil-free yogurt cake (6 inches)


The easiest way to find the Internet, the first time to do the basics is successful, that is, in the middle, I am not calmly forked on the cake with a fork to see if there is any familiar, the cake is a little leaked later, otherwise it is very Perfect! After the refrigerator is refrigerated, the taste is really like a light cheese cake!



  1. Pour the yoghurt into the pot, sift into the low powder, and mix with a spatula

  2. Add two egg yolks, mix well, try not to have particles. (If you don't like the taste of egg tarts, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice to it.) The yolk paste is finished, first put aside.

  3. Put 2 proteins in the egg bowl, add a few drops of lemon juice, use the electric egg beater to hit the fisheye bubble at low speed.

  4. Pour in white sugar, slow down until the sugar melts, then turn to medium speed to hard foaming, and the protein paste is finished.

  5. Take 1/3 protein paste and mix well with egg yolk paste

  6. Then pour the egg yolk paste back to the remaining protein paste and mix well

  7. Pour the prepared cake paste into a 6-inch hurricane mold, shake it a few times, and shake out the bubbles.

  8. Water bath method (baked plate with hot water placed on the lowermost layer, cake mold placed in the middle grill), 170 degrees, fires up and down, baked for 40 minutes

  9. After a few light shocks, cool at room temperature, then release into the refrigerator and release the mold.

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