Recipe: Oil-free Quick Hand Mashed Potato | Keep away from salad dressing

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil-free Quick Hand Mashed Potato | Keep away from salad dressing


Throughout the kitchen mashed potatoes are all added to the salad dressing salad is not a good thing, and considering the amount of mashed potatoes, each time you have to put a lot of salad dressing to give the mashed potato a smooth taste, one is unhealthy, one is expensive. ~ This version 0 butter 0 salad dressing but the taste of the milk is full, the taste is super-lubricated, it can't stop. ~About the mashed potatoes, what are the guests, the sauerkraut, the corn kernels, the frozen vegetables, the tuna, the bacon, these are me. Consistently matching because I am very annoyed with steaming potatoes, I feel very slow, so I take the wet kitchen paper and hold the potatoes and then turn the potatoes for 10 minutes. And the water vapor will not be the same as the steamed steam. Replace the sweet potato mud. If you want a lower carbon water, a little cauliflower mud is also good. This must be steamed and you have to take the cooking machine.



  1. Potato peeling with water

  2. Take a piece of kitchen paper and let the water squeeze a little.

  3. Put the microwave for 8 minutes depending on the size of your potatoes.

  4. You can prepare your side dish and cut it.

  5. After the potatoes are ready, they are made into a muddy mud method - the rolling pin is solid without OK.

  6. Open the fire, first stir the side dish you need to cook, add a little water, you can add some oil, you can add nothing.

  7. Turn a small fire and pour the mashed potatoes into the milk and turn it over. Stir fry the amount of fried milk. Come slowly. Mix it with your own right amount and add a little salt. Black pepper.


It’s because I like to eat hot. I think it’s too much trouble to get rid of milk. If you like to eat cold, mashed potatoes with milk and black pepper garnish. Taste!

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