Recipe: Oil-free and sugar-free whole wheat purple potato cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil-free and sugar-free whole wheat purple potato cake



  1. The purple potato is washed and steamed, and the peeled and diced pieces are added to the appropriate amount of pure milk to stir into the purple potato puree. After cooling, the refrigerator is refrigerated for use. I pressed it with a spoon and it was still small.

  2. The yeast is melted in water, added into whole wheat flour and kneaded into dough, covered with plastic wrap, and fermented to twice as large.

  3. After the fermentation is completed, the dough is divided into six parts, rounded, flattened, and the appropriate amount of purple potato puree is added, and the cake is pressed into a cake. If you are afraid of getting your hands, you can take a small amount of low-powder pat on the surface of the cake and take it on both sides.

  4. Put a small fire in the pan and put in the cooked noodles. I will make the pan small, put two at a time, cover the lid, and remember to turn it over in time. Both sides should be roasted.


Be sure to use a small fire, a small fire, a small fire, turn over in a minute or two, and bake many times.

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