Recipe: Oatmeal walnuts soft European

Home Cooking Recipe: Oatmeal walnuts soft European


Although I am not too satisfied with the coloring, the taste and organization are OK, record it, so that I can do better next time.



  1. One night in advance, the old-fashioned noodles: high-powder 100g+yeast 1g+water 73g 揉 ,, cover plastic wrap at room temperature 20 ° C fermentation for 13 hours, sent to about 2.5 times larger.

  2. Wash the raisins in advance and soak a little water to a semi-dry state. The semi-dry is more wet than the wet one. 30g oatmeal and 65g water microwave oven heated to boiling and mix well for cooling.

  3. French old noodles plus degreasing, dried raisins, walnuts, oats and other materials are mixed until the expansion stage, adding sunflower oil to the skin to open the film that is not easy to break. Mix the dried raisins, walnuts and oats into the dough by hand and mix as much as possible. Fermentation is twice as large.

  4. Once finished, split into two portions and gently fold each dough into a compact sphere and then relax for twenty minutes.

  5. Draw the loosened dough as little as possible, shape it, and drain it into the baking tray. Sieve powder, directly cut the package. Feed in a bowl of boiling water and close the door for about 35 minutes.

  6. Take out the baking tray and preheat the oven at 230 °C. After the preheating is completed, spray the water around the dough and the oven four or five times, turn to 220 °C, and bake the middle layer for about 18 minutes until the color is ripe. The color is too fast and the baking tray can be changed to the lower layer.


You can also add a hot (10g high powder + 50g water into starch water, put it into the microwave for 15 seconds, take it out and mix it, then turn it for 15 seconds to form a paste, if you use the easy to cake brown sugar instead In the sugar in the square, you can add 15g of brown sugar to the hot mix and melt it. Add the cold to the dough. After adding the hot, the water is adjusted to 120g. If the amount of water is too large and it is not good, you can use the method of folding four times instead of kneading the dough (after mixing all the ingredients of the bread, fold the dough from the periphery to the middle with a spatula every 30 minutes, repeat four times) to make the dough out. The ribs are then fermented for the first time and sent twice as large as the next step.

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