Recipe: Oatmeal pumpkin soy milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Oatmeal pumpkin soy milk


Pumpkin soy milk is really delicious with this ratio. The scent of pumpkin, under the gelatin of oatmeal, makes the soy milk thick and delicate, and the color is golden~



  1. Soy bean

  2. Pumpkin cut into soy size

  3. All materials can be used in the soymilk machine with the function of the grain soy milk.


Oatmeal, the western cereal or the rolled oatmeal in the farmer's market can be used, don't add that taste~ For the yellow flower skin of pumpkin, the long type of pumpkin, if you use a relatively close-knit or older pumpkin, be careful when peeling and dicing it to avoid cutting it. You can also steam the pumpkins at the time of risotto, and use the cooked pumpkins to make soy milk. It can save you more effort and effort~ Add the cooked pumpkin directly to the finished soy milk, and smash it with a cooking machine.

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