Recipe: Oatmeal meal pack

Home Cooking Recipe: Oatmeal meal pack


Fangzi is a reference to love and free oatmeal package, the taste is simple and simple, suitable for weight loss when eating, with vegetable bacon is also great!



  1. Mix all the ingredients except butter, knead the dough, add the butter to the expansion stage and start the fermentation.

  2. The dough was divided into 50 g/piece, and after being rounded, it was relaxed for 15 minutes, and after relaxation, the exhaust gas was flattened.

  3. The dough is rounded and the surface is stained with water and stained with instant oatmeal.

  4. Put the shaped dough into the baking tray, put it in the warm and humid place for the final fermentation. After fermentation, enter the middle layer of the oven and let the fire rise and fall 180 °C for 13 minutes.

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