Recipe: Nutritional fat loss lunch

Home Cooking Recipe: Nutritional fat loss lunch


Three-point training, seven points to eat weight loss fitness, the effect is not obvious. Actively exploring, eating right is more important than practicing. On the working day, I got up half an hour early in the morning, ready for lunch, and the beautiful beauty was taken to work. The mood of the day was super good and I had been holding it for a few months. I usually searched for recipes in Weibo and the kitchen. Eat 啥, now also give back ~ Weibo: daydreaming small gray gray (welcome mutual exchange exchange 噢



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First effect picture????

    First effect picture????

  2. Spinach practice hot pot cold oil (olive oil) put the minced garlic + dried chili to the shabu-shabu, after the garlic is golden, wash and cut into a hollow dish of about five centimeters, put it on the fire, stir it all, and put some salt on the pot. Ok (I don't like MSG chicken, so there is no kitchen.)

  3. Tofu: Compare the width of the lunch box, cut it, hot oil in the hot pot, put it down, fry it slowly with a slow fire. One side is ok, then the other side, don't flip it frequently~ scatter fine salt and pepper.

  4. Shrimp: boil water, put ginger, garlic and shrimp to boil

  5. The chicken breast was marinated the night before. I used the cooking wine/soy sauce/pepper chicken breast to bring the oil. I am reducing the fat, so I don’t put it in the pan and fry it. In order to get cooked quickly, I cut a few knives. Remember for five minutes on each side! small fire! Pan!


It’s all fast food, it’s getting ready in the morning for twenty minutes. (I have a pan with a wok and a two-pronged approach.)

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