Recipe: Nutrition instant noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Nutrition instant noodles


Like to eat pasta, instant noodles are no exception, but not always eaten. For a healthier eating, add different vegetables every time.



  1. Boiled into the instant noodles, a little soft, remove the cold water and filter it for use.

  2. Add water again, add the vegetables to be placed (you can put tomatoes in the tomato, the taste will be fresh)

  3. Then pour the instant noodles to be used, put in the seasoning package, do not like the seasoning bag can put some salt, the egg into the pot, do not stir the seven-point cooked can turn off the fire (more tender), complete.


Filtration is to filter out a layer of oil on the surface or something. . Instant noodles should not be boiled before they are fished out. When they are a little hard, they can be fished out, because they should be cooked together with vegetables for a while.

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