Recipe: Nourishing white soup, sheep, hazelnut

Home Cooking Recipe: Nourishing white soup, sheep, hazelnut



  1. Put half a cup of tea in the cold water pot, add the sheep's scorpion section and boil the water for 5 minutes to remove the sputum.

  2. Fill the pot with hot water, add the simmered hawthorn, two rock sugar, a little pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, onion, ginger, dried red pepper, jujube, stew together

  3. Open the lid and simmer for 40 minutes. Cover the lid and simmer for half an hour. Add salt and continue to cook for half an hour. Turn off the heat for half an hour (1 hour for the pressure cooker)

  4. Cut the white radish into thin slices, pour into the bottom of the pot, pour in the hawthorn soup, sprinkle a little white pepper, and sauté the parsley, you can eat it. The soup is tender and delicious! (When the hot pot soup, it is good to make mutton soup)


1. Pick the sheep's scorpion (sheep bones), choose the gap between the bones is small, the meat is tender; press it with your hand, and immediately rebound the fresh 2. The pepper not only removes the astringency, but also the astringency 3. Put a little rock sugar there Fresh, lubricated effect 4. Onion has a sweet taste after cooking, green onions will be sour after cooking, so do not use green onions 5. Add tea and meat to taste 6. Add white radish slices to greasy 7. Various spices to put a little Don't cover up the natural fragrance of the mutton. 8. Don't cover the lid for the first 40 minutes when you cook the soup. You can make the remaining scent of the scorpion simmer better. 9. After the meat is stewed, you must cover the lid for half an hour, not only Better taste, is to ensure that the meat is soft and not bad

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