Recipe: Nourishing kidney cream (unisex)

Home Cooking Recipe: Nourishing kidney cream (unisex)


I insisted on drinking a bowl every day. Now I have been drinking for more than three weeks. There have been no recurrences in places where there were some white hairs, and now there is no one. I am really happy. Not only did the white hair disappear, but the skin became whiter and smoother, and the color was better than the original! Good things to share, so I told some friends about this recipe, but most people are very interested when they hear that white hair can turn black and skin can be better, but once again, they shook their heads and felt that they would work every day. I am so tired, how can I still have the energy to porridge, huh, huh. In fact, this porridge is very simple. If you cherish your body, if you spend more time and energy, what is wrong with it? So I will write this recipe here, hoping to bring benefits to my friends. You are happy, I will be happy, huh, huh.



  1. In addition, walnuts can also be replaced with peanuts. The above is the amount of two people.

  2. I am soaking these bowls at noon every day.

  3. When you wash the dishes at night, you will start to porridge. When the water becomes thick and sticky for 10 minutes, you can turn off the fire and cover the lid.

  4. Add some water the next morning, put brown sugar, hot for two minutes, ok


In addition, I also observed that after drinking this porridge for more than three weeks, the small crescent of my nails has changed from the original two (thumbs) to seven, so happy! In addition, after the child drinks porridge, this winter's face begins to become rosy (previously white), and the body becomes a lot stronger.

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