Recipe: Not good to eat squid juice colorful fried rice that can be returned

Home Cooking Recipe: Not good to eat squid juice colorful fried rice that can be returned


The colorful fried rice cooked with squid sauce is deeply loved by the food that the picky children like. When eating, a vegetable is not picked out!



  1. Cut the carrots and green peppers first, and make them small. Mushroom slices. Slice the garlic head. Cut the luncheon meat to Xiao Ding.

  2. Beat the eggs, stir well, pour in light cream, and mix well. It can be replaced with milk to increase the tenderness of the eggs.

  3. Heat the oil pan, pour a spoonful of oil, scramble the eggs, and cook until 8 is ripe.

  4. Then pour a spoonful of oil, put the garlic slices into the saute, first fry the mushrooms, fry the mushrooms and then take them out, then stir-fry the green peppers and carrots, stir-fry them to Microsoft, put the diced meat in the lunch, and sprinkle with half a spoonful of salt. A little pepper, a small fire. Then put the mushrooms in and fry them together, stir well and serve.

  5. Pour the last spoonful of oil, pour the cold rice into it, add the rice wine and stir well, add half a spoonful of salt, and then spread the rice, pour the fried egg and the mixture of the meat and vegetables, stir fry a few times and pour the squid Sauce, open a small fire, stir the sauce evenly, and every rice has juice, you can go out of the pot, if the mouth is heavy, you can add salt.

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