Recipe: Northwest mutton

Home Cooking Recipe: Northwest mutton



  1. The leg of the lamb is shaved and the leg bones open to reveal the bone marrow inside.

  2. Put the cold water into the pot, put the washed mutton and bones, boil it, and remove the floating foam. After 10 minutes, wash the meat and bones with hot water and transfer to the casserole.

  3. Put hot water in the casserole, ginger, onion, grass, pepper, aniseed, star anise, fragrant leaves, cumin, jujube, several chrysanthemums, some tangerine peels, pepper peppers, and turn to low heat Turn off the fire after 3 hours and remove the lamb.

  4. Put the mutton soup to the oil slick, transfer some of the mutton soup to the wok, add the white radish slices and boil, add the soft-fried vermicelli, put the mutton mutton, add salt, MSG, and pan. After sprinkling with chopped green garlic and parsley

  5. Xi'an's mutton is made of dead noodles, while Lanzhou's mutton is made with baking noodles. I am the old lady's mouth. I choose a soft starter and naturally make a baking cake to match it.

  6. 3 grams of yeast powder is soaked in 30 grams of warm water, let stand for a while

  7. The ratio of flour to noodles (including 30 grams of warm water above) is 2:1, the dough is smoothed, covered with plastic wrap, and fermented in warm place.

  8. After the dough is inflated to more than 2 times, press the handprint without retracting, take out the dough, divide it into several portions, round it, and take it for ten minutes.

  9. Use a rolling pin to round the dough, put it in a pan at a time, and slowly roast until it is yellow and has small black spots on both sides, that is, cooked. Cut or tear into the sheep soup

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