Recipe: Northeast chicken stewed mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Northeast chicken stewed mushrooms



  1. Chicken licking, blood washing, draining

  2. Dry mushrooms (bubble for about an hour), noodles (soaked on the line), fungus (bubble for about half a day), etc.

  3. Pan-burning oil (two teaspoons of oil), ginger and garlic, sauté the chicken pieces, stir-fry until the skin becomes yellow, pour in two teaspoons of rice wine (cooking wine), add a teaspoon, soak a teaspoon, and put 5 small sugar candies. After the oil is bright red, add mushrooms, fungus, vermicelli. Add boiling water to the chicken. Add the small fire and simmer for 20 minutes. Put the green onion and pepper.


Dried mushrooms, only the northeast is burned out, the authentic mushrooms, the monkey mushroom, the tea tree mushroom is burned, there is no small mushroom in the northeast.

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